Shin Splinting

Ah, the dreaded shin splints. Like driver’s ed, awkward middle school dances, and pimples, it seems as though shin splints are often a necessary evil to enter adulthood. With the start of school sports, especially cross county and soccer, we are sure to see a rush of athletes with shin pain due to running. What … More Shin Splinting

Resilient Endurance is now Elements Training Company!

    I am excited to announce a partnership with Jonathan Garcia to be a part of Elements Training Company! Jonathan and I are both very passionate about keeping athletes healthy. We believe to stay healthy and perform at our best we need to incorporate various elements in our training, namely, a “pre-hab” physical therapy program, … More Resilient Endurance is now Elements Training Company!

Kona 2016 Recap

Our trip to Kona started with some bad news. While I don’t want to be a downer, it played a big role in our trip to the Big Island so I figured I would start the recap blog off with it. It will fit in to the race recap somehow, I promise. During our flight … More Kona 2016 Recap