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Are you tired of the “Endurance Athlete Injury Cycle”? Train -> Injury -> Rehab -> Train -> Injury ->Rehab -> …..

Some athletes think this is just how it goes in an endurance sport. It doesn’t have to be! Get ahead of the injuries by training smart and having an individualized “prehab” routine.

Resilient Endurance Coaching works with endurance athletes who want to perform at their physical best with a focus on staying healthy, happy, and not burned out.

Resilient Endurance Coaching includes individualized workouts based on your ability level and athletic goals. Additionally, most programs have a “prehab” component to stay healthy based on your movement patterns. While assisting in addressing any sub-optimal biomechanics, the “prehab” program will also help you achieve your physical best performance on race day.

Additional services such as physical therapy, massage, gait analysis, bike fit, and metabolic assessments (VO2 Max test) are also available to keep you healthy in order to reach your goals. Stop the endurance athlete injury cycle and become a Resilient Athlete!

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RE 03