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Resilient Endurance is partnering with Elements Training Company!

Are you tired of the “Endurance Cycle”? Train -> Injury -> PT/Rehab -> Train -> Injury ->PT/Rehab

Some athletes think this is just how it goes in an endurance sport. It doesn’t have to be! Get ahead of the injuries by training smart and having an individualized “prehab” routine.
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Resilient Endurance Coaching has now partnered with Jonathan Garcia to create Elements Training Company. Coaching includes individualized workouts based on your ability level as well as a personalized “Elements”, including physical therapy, massage, a strength routine, gait analysis, and performance assessments to keep you healthy in order to reach your goals. Stop the cycle and start your elements to be resilient!


Check out the Elements Training Company website  for more information and prices.

Feel free to contact Craig at for more information and questions.