Patterned People Practicing Patterned Proclivity- Part 2

In my last blog we discussed how patterned motor behaviors may unknowingly affect your body and brain negatively. Your sport, habits, and other repetitive patterned actions may be causing your body to move in sub-optimal ways. In this blog, I want to introduce a concept called movement variability, and simple things you can be doing … More Patterned People Practicing Patterned Proclivity- Part 2

Routine Maintenance

Much of medicine is striving for a proactive approach to treatment vs. a reactive. More and more people are getting active and taking charge of their health care. In the past, physical therapy has been predominately reactive. You get injured or have surgery, then go see a physical therapist. Sure, it helps you get you … More Routine Maintenance

Kids These Days

The body is an amazing thing. I contemplate the complexity of this machine we are gifted with multiple times a day. Two weeks ago my brother and his wife welcomed in to the world a beautiful daughter. I was fortunate enough to hold her within a few hours after she was born. I am sure … More Kids These Days

People are Fascinating

People are fascinating. We come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Humans are formed based on their ancestors, culture, family, environmental exposure, athletic and recreational activities, as well as habits of daily life. What we do with our day and how we interact with other living and non-living beings helps form our physical … More People are Fascinating

Physical Therapy!

Alright, time to “toot” the physical therapy horn. I am obviously biased towards the benefits of PT as it is my chosen life’s work up until this point. At Rebound we get to see firsthand the benefits of PT on a daily basis. Patients regularly make significant positive changes in pain and performance and we … More Physical Therapy!


Sit up straight! Stop slouching! Shoulders back! For many, these commands beckon memories of parents reminding us to correct for a poor posture. A lady recently told me how her mother would frequently have her balance a book on her head to maintain an upright position. Thinking this is “proper” she has maintained that position … More Posture


Swimming is a fascinating sport. It is not a sport where you can simply put your brain on the shelf and just “go.” To excel at the sport you must be in tune with your body, what it is doing, where it is at in space, and anticipate the next movement. You must work with … More Swimming

Running Stimuli

Here in the clinic we don’t have the most sophisticated or high tech equipment in the world. No zero gravity treadmill, fancy cameras, or futuristic balance machines. The most high tech we get is usually balloons, Therabands, and often a small rubber ball. Oh, and we do have a cool little laser that requires you … More Running Stimuli